Meet our founder Benjamin Toews

After 15 years of owning and operating food-manufacturing, agriculture and food-service businesses Benjamin struck out to create Localite driven with a passion to bring more locally produced preserves to the Alberta retail and wholesale food scene.


LOCALITE is an enterprise based in Calgary, Alberta Canada. We are passionate about bringing our LOCALITE brand of products produced in Alberta to shoppers directly through our online store and through wholesale channels with retail partners throughout our province. Our preserves include jams, jellies, pickles and sauces. 

We would like to thank you for taking time to enjoy and remember the timeless craft of preserving through our LOCALITE line of products. This practice was perfected by our forebearers in a time when each family had their own garden and special care was given to ensure a harvest which meant food security for the winter. We remember a time when grandparents would take us to their cold rooms -A magical place where only the best of fruits and vegetables from the harvest were preserved to nourish us through the winter. We’re hoping you will stock your pantry with our creations, gift them to your friends and experience this timeless nourishment for yourself through our wholesome preserves.

Commitments to the Craft

These preserves were lovingly and carefully prepared in small batches, by hand in our certified kitchens in Alberta. We believe that quality is everything and strive every day to ensure that our customers are more than satisfied. 

Wholesale Driven

We believe that Wholesale is Wholesale and should be available to all. Whether you are a family/individual looking to stock your pantry for the year, a retailer seeking to offer our products on your shelves to mark up and sell, or an Enterprise that would like to gift our products to its employees or customers; that you deserve a discount for buying in bulk. Purchase full cases of labeled, bulk-boxed products at a discount in our wholesale section. If you have questions please do not hesitate to reach out to our team via email We can't wait to deliver full cases of our high quality preserves to your store, home or place of business.


Our fruits and vegetables are grown in our fields on the prairies and we also support other trusted Alberta and B.C. farmers to produce fruits and vegetables to our specification. When we can’t source it here in Canada, we support the international farming community to supply us with ingredients that our climate is unable to produce. We believe first in supporting our local economy but recognize that using products produced by our hard-working fellow humans in other countries is also important to the development of their nations and lives. Please compost our plant based box-packaging and reuse and recycle our glass jars and lids. 

We truly hope you fall in love with our brand, tell your friends about us and return again and again.

The Localite Team